We have made some changes to the pro setup which we are very excited about!
Check out what we have changed:

  • you can now build 3 teams by selecting your crew members for a faster battle setup
  • easier scrolling through your characters
  • better overview of the stats of your characters and the opponents characters

Wondering how to set up your teams for the pro setup?
Here’s the explanation:

  • head over to your crew by clicking on the character button in the bottom right corner in your district
  • click on the filter button on the left side.
  • click on the button below the filter (1) and then click on the edit (pencil) button
  • add the characters you want to the team
  • save your team by clicking on the green tick
  • repeat for the other two teams!
  • You can change your teams by clicking on the edit (pencil) button

Enjoy building your teams and a faster setup before battle!