We are marking Easter with the first special event for LAST OUTLAWS!

And what a special event this is, a lot of goodies, they might even be better than chocolate.

This fantastic special will run from 02.04.2021 00:00 CEST until 05.04.2021 23:59 CEST.

Special battles and hunting for Easter eggs are just a few of the awesome things coming to you this Easter. 

With a little help from hints on our Facebook page, you’ll be able to find Easter eggs in the game to help you get to the end of that Easter egg bar! 

Defeat the Easter Gang in the new campaign mode to win eggs and unlock fantastic prizes such as special Easter avatar items! Heads up: you can defeat the E-Gang by hitting them several times, the E-Gang won’t heal after battle until you have defeated them. 

Mr. Bunny
Jacko Black
Jenna Maze
Amanda Rios
Rocco Santos
Pete Smith

Of course your bike needs to match your outfit so we’ve added some special new bike parts as rewards as well. 

Have a great time playing, hunting and claiming Easter rewards.

We are eggcited to see what you think of the very first special!


Win different bike parts.
Win different bike parts.