What do we have here? It’s a brand new update with a brand new feature: check out the Gun Shop Feature in the game right now!

You can now disassemble your guns and use the parts of the disassembled guns to level up your other guns.

If you have spare weapons you don’t need and/or you want to level up your weapons, you can now use the Gun Shop to do so! All you have to do is unlock the Gun Shop (next to the Shooting Range) by having a character with at least level 9. You can disassemble and upgrade your guns by:

  • clicking on the character overview and then
  • clicking on the character of your choice
  • then click on the gun and use the button on the right “upgrade your guns”

You’ll see all of the guns you can disassemble to get gun parts and use these gun parts to level up other guns in the upgrade area. 

Be aware: you can’t level your guns higher than the highest level your character has at that moment.