A new campaign will be released on 27.08.2021 at 12:00 CEST!

Help Wendy Walker from the Siren Sisters in the new campaign “Siren Call – The road to Tecate – Part 1” by battling against the Mara de Diablos!

Wendy comes to you with bad news, girls have been disappearing again and Wendy is sure that the Maras are behind it. They are causing unrest and fear in Washington Heights. She’s found the hotspot and base of their operation but can’t take care of the problem herself.

What’s more, one of her girls has been taken by the Maras and it’s your job to get her back.

Note: You might have seen the campaign before but issues meant we had to pull it from the game. You can now play through the campaign normally and collect the correct rewards. If you played the campaign before, your progress for the campaign will be reset and you can play the campaign again. 

Get ready to battle!

Check out “Siren Call – The road to Tecate – Part 1” in the campaign battle mode.