Brand new update with a brand new feature!

Welcome to the Outlaw Levels!

This update brings you the ability to level your characters higher than level 30. Once your character reaches level 30, you’ll see your level highlighted yellow which shows this character has now entered the Outlaw Levels. You can level up by collecting XP tokens as well as using normal XP and you may also unlock characters using XP tokens. The XP tokens are a feature for all of your characters and can be seen as an additional XP booster for your characters.

With every battle there is a chance to win a couple of tokens, during the Seasons as promotion rewards, at the end of Conquest wars and in the story there are also some for each chapter and the boss.

Note: the feature will be activated on 15.09.2021 at 12:00 CEST but the update is already available now, which means you can download the update but won’t be able to see the feature described above yet.

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