Are you ready for the newest update? We have changed a big part of the game!

Mission mode has been changed into Hunt mode: San Verde Rivals, now featuring a new battle mode.

Check out what’s new:

You can battle against rival factions to receive hints which you then use to unlock faction bosses. You must first get all of the hints for each faction underboss to be able to take on the big boss. You can replay the hunt as many times as you want. 

Battle against 7 factions, 28 underbosses and 7 big bosses to complete the hunt! Even after you have completed the hunt, you can always replay and battle any faction. 

We have also changed the look of the reward box for this update.

Let’s kick this update off with a hint: if you don’t defeat the underbosses or boss immediately, hit them again and again, it’s a knockdown principle. 

We hope you enjoy the new update and we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Note: when you have completed all the campaigns in the Story Mode, this mode will not be available any longer. You will only see the replacement “San Verde Rivals”

Happy hunting!