Now that the update is out and available to all, here’s some information on the bike parts you can win as rewards for battles in San Verde Rivals!

Some of the bike parts are new, others were already in the game. It is not guaranteed that you win all of them during your first hunt and you might have to replay several times to receive them. For those of you who want to build their black and gold bike immediately, we have made the bike parts available in the shop as well.

Check out all of the bike parts in the picture above and in the list below: 

  • Gold & Black Frame
  • Black Engine 
  • Gold & Black Bars
  • Gold & Black Wheels
  • Gold & Black Exhaust
  • Gold & Black Fenders
  • Gold & Black Fork
  • Gold & Burgundy Filter
  • Black Lamp
  • Gold & Black Tank
  • Gold & Black Seat
  • Black Tires

Get hunting for those bike parts in San Verde Rivals!