We have prepared another update for you and this time, it’s all about your profile pages. 

We have changed the layout as well as the functions of your own profile page and the MC profile page. Check what has changed below:

Profile page

  • use your fingers to zoom in and out
  • check your battle stats: each colour represents your victory percentage. Green: > 50%, red <50% and orange = 50% 
  • fame icon: check out your fame level and points made
  • MC history icon: you can only see the MC history if you have been part of more than one MC. It shows you which rank you had in the MC, when you joined and which MC you belonged to
  • all patches and pins you can win or have are displayed on the right. If you don’t have the patch yet, you’ll only see an outline of the patch or pin
*not a real player in the game

MC Profile

  • swipe through the members by using the arrows
  • every member is shown with their weapon and bike in the member overview
  • zoom in and out using your fingers 
  • you can check the average level of the members crew behind the name of the member
  • above the quote of your MC, the pins and patches the MC has are displayed
  • new stats for Conquest battles: you can see the total of battles and also the percentage of your MCs victories by colour. Green: > 50%, red <50% and orange = 50% 
  • new stats for MC ranking:  your MCs rank in the MC Ranking
*not a real MC in the game

We hope you have a great time playing and enjoy the new update!

We are always open to feedback, you can reach out to us over our social media pages or contact our support.