Start Conquest

The next Conquest Season is starting soon! You’ll be able to take part in the MC Wars from 23.06.2022 18:00 CEST until 27.06.2022 18:00 CEST.

Here’s a breakdown of the points for this Conquest Season:

Winner points in Conquest:

10 conquers = 3 points

25 conquers = 5 points

50 conquers = 6 points

75 conquers = 8 points

Loser Points in Conquest:

20 conquers = 1 point

50 conquers = 2 points

75 conquers = 3 points

Join the epic battle that allows the strength of your entire crew in multiple wars on opposing MCs for big rewards, endless strategy, and limitless opportunities to showcase your skills.

You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts: eCoins, style tokens, ingame money, and weapons await you after every war your MC has won.

Reach the Top 10 in the Hall of Fame and claim huge rewards and the limited Conquest Patch for your vest.

Winning a war is not easy, it requires coordination, strategy, brothers and sisters on your side. Your Family by choice.

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Your reward after a war against other MCs during the Conquest Event.

not fix
not fix
up to 40
Common Weapon
chance 25%


Patch for your Cut
1st Place
Epic Weapon
up to level 28
up to 7.5k
Fame Points
up to 100
Up to
40 XP Token