WHAT TYPES OF WEAPON ARE THERE? In Last Outlaws, long-range weapons are used. Each character has a favorite weapon. Your avatar can equip all of the three weapon classes: pistol, shotgun and the rifle. WEAPONS 1. How’s the pistol? The pistol is balanced in terms of attack speed, accuracy and strength. 2. How’s the shotgun?Continue reading “Weapons”


WHAT IS THE CHAT FOR? You can find out about the latest events and updates for “Last Outlaws” and exchange ideas with players from all over the world. The chat is divided into 5 categories, Global, Regio, Clubhouse, Church and the News. THE 5 CHAT TYPES  What is Global Chat? Here you can exchange andContinue reading “Chat”


HOW CAN I FIGHT? In the different battle modes you can get your characters, new weapons, collect experience points and much more. They are divided into the story mode, the San Verde Rivals, Domination, Ranked Seasons and various small temporal events. THE DIFFERENT BATTLE MODES Story mode Here you play the story of your avatarContinue reading “Battle”


GEORG HOFMANN Georg Hofmann is a German arms dealer. He sells his weapons to the highest bidder. His sources of supply are mainly in southeast Europe. Most weapons come from the former Yugoslavian republics. The assortment is not only limited to Russian products. Hofmann is well connected worldwide. He built up this network during hisContinue reading “Questgiver”


You want to know more about San Verde? Who controls the city? MARA DEL DIABLO (MD-13) The Mara del Diablo (MD-13) is a Latino gang whose members are mainly El Salvadorans. They control “South Central” in San Verde.Their business includes the classic lines of business: Prostitution, protection money, blackmailing, fencing and drug dealing. Their mainContinue reading “MD-13”